Project Implementation

Implementation of agriculture and rural-based projects is a complex process requiring the participation and coordination of multiple stakeholders (producers, suppliers, market intermediaries, local administration, industry experts etc.). In many cases, there is a need for statutory compliances, approvals and certification for project execution. The relevant backgrounds and hands-on experience of our team across diverse projects have helped us to gain proficiencies in planning for and managing on-ground complexities. We follow a process-driven approach to project implementation which ensures progress review at different stages and also assists us in taking corrective measures at the right time. We coordinate closely with the client throughout the process i.e. from project conceptualisation to its closure to deliver as per the client’s expectation and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Livelihoods Projects

The livelihood projects involve scoping of farm and non-farm livelihood opportunities, liaisoning with government/private enterprises, identifying convergence possibilities with government schemes and grants and devising a scale-up strategy for mainstreaming. With the required experience and expertise, our team has been implementing projects in the area of rural income enhancement through agriculture and allied sector-related livelihood activities, climate change resilient adoption measures, watershed management, natural resources management etc.

Technical Projects

We provide technical support to our clients in designing and implementing large scale agricultural production, creating infrastructure (cold storage, pack-house, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores, warehouses, processing units, etc.), devising procurement strategies, developing supply chains etc. We have in-depth technical expertise in pilots/demonstrations/beta testing as well as the implementation of projects of any scale.