Farmer Producer Organization

The Government of India has been promoting FPOs to address the problems of the farm sector by ensuring economies of scale for farmers. With an increasing number of FPOs in the country, leveraging the strength of collectivization and making farmers key stakeholders in the agri-value chain has become the need of the hour. At Barita Agri Business, our team has been engaged in projects related to the FPO ecosystem for a long time, whereby we have played an important role in developing the policy on FPOs at the national level, implementing various projects/programmes at the ground level and conducting training and capacity building sessions for different levels of stakeholders.

FPO Promotion

Each state and district have a different social, cultural and economic background. Therefore, a different approach is needed for every geography to convince producers to join collectives. Additionally, the farmer members need to be motivated to engage in FPO activities. Keeping this in mind, we are supporting FPOs across various phases of their life cycle including farmer mobilisation, FPO registration, share capital mobilisation, compliance, business plan preparation and business development. We follow a commercial approach right from the start, to keep the producers engaged and establish financially viable and sustainable FPOs.

FPO Digitisation for Service Aggregation

The adoption of digital technology in agriculture is gaining momentum, due to the huge potential of digitisation in benefitting agri-value chains. To help transform the agribusiness sector, we provide handholding support to FPOs in implementing digital interventions regarding large scale crop monitoring, input application, post-harvest management, market information etc. to bring efficiency and precision in their working.

FPO Business Advisory and Market Linkages

Across India, FPOs of varying sizes and product mix need to understand and imbibe strategies to make their business viable and efficient to create value for their member farmers. Based on this premise, we provide tailored advice to FPOs and help them grow while developing market linkages for them.