Return-Policy !

  • Provide Accurate Address: Ensure you input the correct delivery address, including any specific instructions or landmarks. This small detail can prevent delays and ensure a smooth delivery process.
  • Contact Information: Double-check your contact number, as the delivery team may need to reach you for directions or updates. Prompt communication can resolve any potential issues quickly.
  • Delivery Window: If you have the option to choose a delivery window, select one that aligns with your availability. This way, you can receive your package without unnecessary delays.
  • Secure Drop-off Location: If you won't be home during the delivery, designate a secure location where the package can be left. Make sure it's protected from the elements and potential theft.
  • Special Delivery Instructions: If you have any unique requirements, such as a gate code or specific drop-off location, communicate these clearly in the delivery instructions.
  • Tracking Information: Utilize tracking tools provided by the courier service to monitor the status of your delivery. It helps you stay informed and anticipate the arrival.
  • Package Inspection: Upon receiving your package, inspect it for any visible damage or signs of tampering. If you notice anything amiss, document it and inform the delivery person or the courier service immediately.
  • Acceptance Responsibility: Ensure someone is available to accept the delivery, especially for valuable items. Some couriers may require a signature, so plan accordingly.
  • Reschedule If Needed: If you won't be available for the delivery, utilize options to reschedule it for a more convenient time.
  • Feedback: Share your delivery experience, whether positive or negative, with the courier service. Constructive feedback can help improve future deliveries.