Agri Start-ups

Start-ups in agriculture are now leading the sector’s modernization and transformation. A sector, which was known for low return on investment (RoI), has gained traction from new-age entrepreneurs and investors. The sheer scale of business, eternal demand for food, increasing dependency of farms on machine and technology have created opportunities for innovative business models to deliver related products and services. The sector is seeing investments in the areas of agri-tech, agri-finance, agri-marketing and agri-infrastructure. Our in-depth understanding of the sector and wide network give us an advantage in serving our clients across the divisions. Our team of experts support agripreneurs and investors in finding the right match and accelerating business growth.


Support young professionals in understanding the agriculture sector and conceptualizing a feasible business idea.

Business tie-ups

Facilitate business partnerships by analysing compatibility and synergies for opportunities related to investment, technology, production, distribution.

Business Due-diligence

Help investors in conducting due diligence of potential enterprises from different perspectives of business viability. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we also help the investor in assessing the growth potential and risks of a new business idea.

Business plan and projections

Assist agripreneur / investors in creating a realistic business plan and projections by assessing the market size, business potential, competitors etc.